Peggy Ahwesh: Retrospective

20 – 24 September 2018
Berwick Media Arts and Film Festival

Technologies of Desire
Bruce Conner, Looking for Mushrooms (1967, 3mins)
Excerpt: Angela Carter reading from The Bloody Chamber for BBC/The Poetry Society (5 mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, The Colour of Love (1994, 10 mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, The Star Eaters (2003, 24mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, Martina’s Playhouse (1993, 20mins)
Running time: 60mins

The Kingdom of Little Thirsts
Peggy Ahwesh, Bethlehem (2009, 8 mins)
Tina Kean, The Swing (6mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, The Vision Machine (1997, 20 mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, She Puppet (2001, 15 mins)
Peggy Ahwesh, Scary Movie (1993, 9mins)
Running time: 60mins

Dark Matter
Excerpt from the Pittsburgh Years (audio)
Radio Guitar (Peggy Ahwesh and Barbara Ess, 2001)
Peggy Ahwesh and Margie Strosser, Strange Weather (1993, 50mins)
Running time: 60mins

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