An Artists Talk by Phyllis Christopher

21 January 2017
The Newbridge Project, Newcastle

We were joined by Phyllis Christopher in conversation with Alessandra Mondin on Saturday 21st of January 2016.

Phyllis Christopher’s photographs document lesbian sexual exploration from 1987 through the mid-2000s in San Francisco. This erotic work was first published in “On Our Backs” magazine where she became photo editor from 1991-94. In an era that published few written words and images about contemporary lesbian concerns, these photographs were in collaboration with women exploring their desires, fetishes, gender identities, and lesbian visibility in front of the camera. Graphic, sexy, playful and honest, this work takes us on a journey through sex clubs, political protests, and private moments. Christopher and her contemporaries gave voice to a community that felt they were being ignored by mainstream politics and media – making the invisible, visible.

Alessandra Mondin is currently completing her PhD at the Centre for Research in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Sunderland. Her research is on queer feminist pornographies and the intertwining of the aesthetics, ethics and politics of feminist desires. Her background is in visual arts and gender studies.

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