Jane Drew (1911 – 1996): An introduction

12 Feburary – 23 March 2014
Institute of Contemporary Arts, London

As part of our long-term research into New Towns, Inheritance Projects has curating an exhibition and events programme which examines the work of the British artist and educator Jane Drew (1911-1996).

The exhibition will open in February at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London. Contemporary art was fundamental to Drew’s design process and while working with her husband, Maxwell Fry, she commissioned many artworks as integral elements within building projects – which in the UK included social housing and public infrastructure in London and various New Towns. Notably Drew can be credited for securing the premises of the ICA (both at Dover Street in 1950 and The Mall in 1968).

The exhibition will focus on the global contingencies of Drew’s life and work in relation to histories of Twentieth Century British art and architecture.

Co-curated with Claire Louise-Staunton as Inheritance Projects

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